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Short introduction to Vivaxa

In case you are suffering from premature ejaculation or if you simply wish to prolong the time between penetration (or simulation) and ejaculation, you will be glad to find out that you are not alone. In fact, premature ejaculation is the most common of issues with male performance that you can have and the only problem is that it is still not a commonly talked about issue for some reason. It is estimated that it is much more common than erectile dysfunction and yet people have certain problems talking about it. Luckily, this has not resulted in a lack of premature ejaculation solutions and we would like to introduce the best of these – Vivaxa. Read more...



Vivaxa FAQ

Vivaxa is a relatively new product on the market that is oversaturated with various products that are mostly inefficient. It is our belief that Vivaxa brings a lot to the table and that is today the most advanced and the most effective premature ejaculation solution on the market. This is why we wanted to answer some questions that people tend to ask when Vivaxa is in question, all in the hopes that people will ultimately see what we have seen in this product and that is the perfect solution for the very annoying and difficult issue of premature ejaculation.
Is Vivaxa a natural supplement?
In a way, yes it is. However, it is not yet another one of those natural supplement pills that you are supposed to take for months in the hope that it is going to work. It is a topical cream that is applied directly to the penis and which soothes immediately. The very first time that you apply the Vivaxa cream, you will feel that you will be able to perform for much longer before reaching an orgasm. However, you will also find that its effects become better over time, which sort of makes it a natural supplement. Read more...

Vivaxa – control and performance system

You might have heard of Vivaxa and just how this topical cream has aided numerous men stay hard longer all through their sexual activities. The mixture of components in Vivaxa is a key answer why these guys had the ability to keep powerful erections and accomplish much better performances while having sex.
What exactly is Vivaxa? It's a topical and performance cream which could actually help enhance sexual endurance. Barmensen Labs created a formula which effectively mixes Peptide 171, a one of a kind erection boosting element, along with Calmosensine, a highly effective skin soothing component. Merging these ingredients makes Vivaxa, a solution which enhances sexual endurance devoid of adverse reactions on erection quality. Vivaxa absorbs quickly on application. Due to the fact Vivaxa is absorbed immediately after use, you don't have to stress about negatively impacting your partner's pleasure. Read more...

How to apply Vivaxa gel

Vivaxa is actually a topical control and performance cream which has made it easier for countless numbers of men prevent the problem of early ejaculation and enhance sexual endurance. Inside of its exclusive formula is an effective clinically analyzed skin soothing substance known as Calmosensine as well as some other powerful ingredients.
Calmosensine is a component created and produced by Sederma, a part of the Croda International Group, a global leader in the production of effective ingredients meant for the skincare sector. It is a branded product which is based on a peptide located naturally in human body. The peptide was identified to enhance the natural discharge of transmission agents which result in joy and happiness. Calmosensine functions by improving the skin's endurance to inner and outer aggressions and through the process reduces stress, lowers skin rigidity and suppresses muscle spasms. In a clinical research performed on this component, the people subjected to it had the ability to identify four different degrees of heat. Read more...

Everything you need to know about Vivaxa

Topical gels and similar products introduced in the industry of the penis betterment are aimed at helping men improve their energy values and boost endurance. As a man becomes older, there is a demand to get external assistance to supply the body with components which are able to help continue generating amino acids and avoid numerous issues associated with bone solidity and some other health related issues. Vivaxa is one such male enhancement gel that has proven to be very successful when it comes to dealing with better sexual stamina and harder erections. Read more...